Reception area

We at LILAS EVENTS believe that each person is unique, and their wedding should be a testimonial that confirms that fact. Thanks to our wide selection and our great experience you will find the place of your dreams. We will take into consideration the least of your desires in order to best meet your expectations, different kinds of venues, the capacity of accommodation, budget, and many small details in order to find you the place that suits you.

Reception and decoration theme

Decoration is one of the essential elements in a wedding, for us it is what defines the bride and groom because often it is their favorite color, the type of flower they love and many other decoration options which will brand their image as the happiest couple on earth. That is why we put at your disposal our various catalogs as well as our most gifted craftsmen in order to realize all your desires.

Art of the table

An element that demands taste and refinement, thanks to our wide choice of dishes from the most traditional to the most modern without forgetting the floral decoration in the color of your union you will surely find your happiness and your guests as well!!

Hairdressing and Wedding

Nothing is better than to be pampered and to be the most beautiful especially in such a day for what we have selected for you the best hairdressers and makeup artists in Marrakech all to find the perfect balance with your outfit of your D day and without moving a finger will all be on set and at your convenience.


The atmosphere is the key to a successful wedding because after all, we want you to keep beautiful memories of your wedding because when the family gathers you will talk about your frenzies, the funny little scenes that you spent in the wedding or party, that nostalgic feeling is our goal that’s why we put at your disposal all kinds of entertainment (Gnawa, DJ, Oriental dancer, Theme group, fire breather) our experts are at your disposal.

Photo shoot

Memories, Memories, and Memories!!!! There is nothing more beautiful than to have beautiful memories in every family meeting, or with friends, we take back the photos and we relive the beautiful moments, the little follies, that’s why we chose with all care professional photographers and videographers in order to document all your special moments


It is absolutely possible for us to hold a religious ceremony regardless of your religion or at least a romantically symbolic event where the bride and groom can share their moment of love under the beautiful sunset lights